What is a BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO, commonly known as Business Process Outsourcing is most often seen with using external services for things like payroll, human resources, accounting and even customer call center resources.  Larger companies often have these functions as internal departments, however smaller companies often can’t afford to have someone do this and will often outsource the functions to a BPO provider.

Is this right for you?  Unfortunately, no one can answer that except for your business bpogoals.  If making this an internal function is your direction or if outsourcing this is a primary initiative – you have to make that call.  I will say that it will most likely save you some valuable time and money if outsourced to a BPO provider.

What about Cloud Clerical?

bpo_outsourcing-1-1Are we a BPO? The answer to that broadly is yes.  What Cloud Clerical offers is a business process being outsourced to us – such as data entry and clerical services. While we do not handle the larger defined functions such as Human Resources or Payroll, Cloud Clerical can play an important role in your company’s strategy to allow you to focus on your goals.

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