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To backup or not to backup…that is the question

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Embracing the Cloud

Do you take the chance and just keep plugging away on documents and spreadsheets and never backup your data or do you backup?

There are certainly those who like playing Russian Roulette and perhaps think their system is immune to crashes.  Backing up your data is for everyone, not just companies.  We all have something to lose when a hard drive crashes, whether it is important documents, spreadsheets or precious photos.  We all want to be able to recover this important data.

Most laptops on the market today have smaller hard drives.  Of course you can get something custom built and havethat 1TB device, but honestly it is really not needed with today’s popular cloud-based services, like Google Drive or Dropbox.  While I do use these services actively and they do store my documents, allowing me to free up my hard drive of data I really don’t need on my machine all the time, it is still important to backup the machine in the event of a full system crash.  We are only human and even with the use of Dropbox or Google Drive your data syncs to your cloud-based account, but what if you accidentally deleted a file in your local sync folder without realization.  If you don’t catch it and time passes, it is gone forever.  Enter the real backup service like Crashplan.  This type of backup services backs up your entire system or whatever you choose to backup. And of course in a recovery situation, you can restore those precious documents with confidence

I have researched many options for backup services for personal or home users and I have to say there are many out there.  There are only a few which offer a very reasonable price, with unlimited storage and Crashplan is one of them.  It takes some time to perform the initial backup based on what you choose to backup and of course the speed of your connection.  What is nice is you can close your laptop and head to your next destination, turn it back on and Crashplan will pick up where you left off.  The settings of the app on your machine allows you to tell it how much of your machine will be used to perform the backup while you are actively using it for other work and when you are not using it, you can increase the percentage of the machine’s resources.

You can check out the features of this service yourself to get more details.  They offer services for home, small and large companies.  No matter the service you choose, know that the smart choice is to backup your data, so it is safe and secure in the event of a hard drive failure.

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