Our Packages

Cloud Clerical is pleased to provide the following package offerings

Cloud Clerical offers 3 packages and an A-La-Carte option.  Below are the details of these packages.  Please contact me if you have questions or if you would like a more customized project quote.  Each package is a one-time charge, with exception of the A-La-Carte option, which is based on the individually quoted project.

Please note:  

The package prices on Our Packages page are for my time for services rendered. The services are based on the ability to work remotely and through online collaboration. Cloud Clerical will certainly provide services such as mailing things for you, however please be aware that our packages do not include, nor cover things like postage or other carrier costs or supplies beyond remote or online collaborative work.  These are extra services that will be billed to the client beyond the package price.

Example:  If you want scanning done, there will be no charge as this is my time, which is paid for through a purchased package.  If you want data scanned, then printed, CDs burned and mailed, then the costs of printing, CDs, envelopes and postage will be billed to the client.

basic_packageOur Basic Package offers 25 hours of service to you for a one-time fee of $450 or an average of $18 per hour, regardless of the project.  This is a great way to dive in and experience how this works.Buy Now Button



standard_packageIf your ready to take this partnership to the next level select our Standard Package providing you 50 hours of service for a one-time fee of $800.  This provides you a $2 per hour cost savings over the Basic Package.

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premium_packageCloud Clerical’s Premium Package provides your business with 100 hours of outsourced services to meet your busy business environment.  It is a one-time fee of $1,400, an average of $14 per hour.  This is a savings of $4 per hour over our basic package.

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Our A-La-Carte Package offers you an option, which is more for those who want to give us a try with less financial risk or for entrepreneurs or consultants who need to focus on project-based work.

Payment for this package is case by case based on the project requirements.  A PayPal link will be sent prior to starting the project for the quoted price due in full prior to project beginning.

How payment works

Cloud Clerical accepts payments for all packages through PayPal.  All costs are due up front and in full prior to a project beginning.  Costs of the packages are non-refundable once project work has been initiated.  You are under no obligation to renew a package once the allotted hours has run out.