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What Cloud Clerical Can Offer You

If you require a service and it is not listed here, please contact me for a custom quote to see if we can assist you and your project needs.

  • Data entry
  • Pivot Tables
  • BI Dashboards – this requires your company having a subscription to Office 365 (with subscription to Power BI).  You would grant me access as the admin to create the dashboard and I can continue to update after the dashboard is launched, or can turn it over to you for internal updates.
  • Letters
  • PDF scan conversion to Word or Excel format
  • Internet research
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Excel Spreadsheet training – I work with Excel 2010 and 2016
  • How-To documentation
  • Data cleansing
  • POS data cleansing into a consistent format for pivot tables
  • eSignature Services

Please note:  

The package prices on Our Packages page are for my time for services rendered. The services are based on the ability to work remotely and through online collaboration. Cloud Clerical will certainly provide services such as mailing things for you, however please be aware that our packages do not include, nor cover things like postage or other carrier costs or supplies beyond remote or online collaborative work.  These are extra services that will be billed to the client beyond the package price.

Example:  If you want scanning done, there will be no charge as this is my time, which is paid for through a purchased package.  If you want data scanned, then printed, CDs burned and mailed, then the costs of printing, CDs, envelopes and postage will be billed to the client.


Notary Public Services (ETA April 21, 2017)

Transcription Services

Software & Equipment


Excel 2010

Microsoft Office 2016

foxit-phantompdf-business FoxIt PDF

If you have need of converting documents to PDF format, Cloud Clerical can assist you.  Cloud Clerical can also help create some basic interactive PDF forms.  If you have documents in PDF format, but would like a hyperlinked table of contents, this is something we can offer to you as well.  Please contact Cloud Clerical if you are interested in something PDF related to see if we can accommodate your needs.

splashtop-businessSplashtop Business

This used to remotely connect to a computer at your location.





Used to create how to documentation.  This will also allow for a document to be posted online via a custom link to view online or final output can be sent in a PDF form.  Contact Cloud Clerical if you have an interest in creating a How-To document.  Cloud Clerical will evaluate your request to see if we can meet your needs and requirements of the document request.

PC Windows 10 Operating System

Mac Current OSX

HP Scanner


Latest version.  If you require some files to be zipped, Cloud Clerical can obtain those files from your DropBox client folder, zip and include them in the same location, so you can easily access and download them.



Project & task management software – web-based, iPhone and iPad access for all projects I work with you on.



Time Tracking web-based app – this is where the heart of my project work for you resides.  I track time for each task on every project, bill the time and report back to you how much time is left on your purchased package.



This is Cloud Clerical’s primary means of document collaboration.  Once we begin to work together, I will set up a client folder for you and share this, so you will have editing rights.  This is will be the primary way documents are shared.  Folders will be created in your client folder for projects and you can simply drag and drop your documents into the appropriate folder.  Or you can create your folder and upload the documents.  When a project is complete the folder will be renamed to include DONE, so you know that project is closed.  You will continue to have access to your documents after a project is closed.  Should Cloud Clerical or you sever services your data belongs to your company.  You will be granted sufficient time to download all your documents from your client folder before the folder ‘share’ is rescinded.

google-drive-iconGoogle Drive 

Cloud Clerical’s preference is to use Dropbox as it more robust and in my opinion reliable, however, if you prefer the use of Google Drive, we can accommodate this request in the same fashion as we do Dropbox client setup.



gcalGoogle Calendars are used

Once we begin working together, I will set up a custom calendar for you (your company).  I can share this with you and you will be able to add items as you need to or I can even assist you in managing your calendar.  Of course this is a case by case situation based on each client’s needs. Please feel free to discuss methods of communication.

expressdictate175x175bbExpress Scribe Professional

This software offers the ability to import audio files, which can be transcribed using the Infinity Foot-pedal.  When the app is used, you can dictate directly info your iPhone.  Within the settings of the app, you can enter Cloud Clerical’s email address and when you have an audio file ready to send, it will automatically be sent to Cloud Clerical.  I then can immediately import into the app’s sister software Express Scribe Transcription and begin to transcribe your information.  Again, this is not a requirement to use, but this offers a more streamlined process with the client.  You can also choose to just upload your audio files directly to your shared DropBox folder for the associated project.

Infinity Foot-pedal

For transcribing.  This service is coming soon.

External DVD/CD burner

For both Mac and PC


This is used to obtain eSignatures when necessary.  As a client of Cloud Clerical you can take advantage of this cloud-based service.  Do you have a document, which requires signatures from one or more people?  You can easily send that document to me, the areas on the document will be tagged for the appropriate person’s signature and you all will receive a copy of the finished document upon completion of all signatures required.  It’s that simple.  If you purchased a Cloud Clerical package, then this is a service that you will have access to for the length of your package.  Why not take advantage of that service today?



doxiegoDoxie Go Plus

On the go scanning.  Cloud Clerical can help you knock out tedious projects like scanning photos or receipts.  Once you begin working with Cloud Clerical, bundle up your photos and receipts and send them to us for scanning.  The results will be uploaded to your shared Dropbox folder and your precious documents sent back to you to file away.  The IRS now accepts digital receipts, so why not move toward going as paperless as you can today!

How Payment Works

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