Not All Companies Are Created Equal

Rather, not all companies want to outsource their data entry needs.  There cloud-computing-570x300are companies out there, stuck in a different decade of business practice.  I knew an individual who owned a small business.  This guy was and still is very savvy and knows his stuff.  As the CEO of the company it’s his job to keep the company in the black and employees happily employed.  There was a time not to long ago that he was adamant that his data stayed in house.  He wanted servers on site, databases on site and backed up, not to mention a file server for employees located on site.  At this time the technology was changing…things like Dropbox and Google Drive hit the scene and then Microsoft launched Office 365.  There was no stopping where all this was going.  The world of SaaS and cloud-based services was about to explode.  His mentality changed and for a man who was adamant to keep his data in-house, he soon saw the ever-growing advantages and moving towards such technology changes.

There will still be those companies who do not see these advantages and desire to stay in the box they are in.  It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way they want to do business.  It is very clear in today’s world that cloud-based services are here to stay. The entrepreneur or company in general who climbs on board to these services and to outsourcing data entry needs will be taking the utmost advantage of what these services have to offer.

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