How Does the Outsourcing Process Work?

Interested in the outsourcing option?  How does it all work?

Good question, so let’s review how I handle a typical project.  Foremost, the whole outsource-collaborationconcept of outsourcing your data entry and administrative projects allows for the convenience of me; the contractor to not have to be in your building to do the job.  I can perform the work remotely – whether in the same location as your company or across the globe.

Once you contact me on a project and we work out the details of what you need and when you need it, we then can begin to coordinate how to get the data if I’m working the data from my own machine and applications or setting up a connection to a machine in your company to allow for me to remotely connect and perform the data entry directly to your system.

Keep in mind that this is just an example and every project has its own nuances and how it is approached may change slightly based on needs and requirements.  It is important to understand the equipment and services I use, which plays a part in our collaboration efforts.

dropbox-vector-logoI use both Dropbox and Google Drive, so sharing files would be done through one of these two services.  I would create a client folder for you and share access to this folder.  You would simply drag and drop your files to this shared folders and I will have immediate access to them.  If you have data, which is not in electronic format, you would be required to scan as a high quality PDF and then you could place that file into the shared folder for me to access.  The software I use allows me to convert a PDF to Word and Excel, which allows me to process the data faster and more efficiently.  Scanning a previously scanned document however, reduces the quality of google-drive-iconthe scan and the ability to convert to Word or Excel.  It is assumed that if you are seeking outsourced services, you will also have access to the internet, email and other reasonable technology to allow for outsourced collaboration.

Should any issues arise or updates be needed during the course uberconference-logo-webof a project and a conference be needed, I use Uberconference, which allows us to video conference and share screens if needed.

You can check out Our Services to view the equipment and services I use to work projects and collaborate.


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