Enter the Ninja

Are your browser bookmarks out of control?

I know for a long time mine were.  I was amazed at how many bookmarks I had and how disorganized I was with them.  I browse the web and if I see an interesting topic, I’d bookmark it along with all the other ones I go to all the time.  I finally crossed the line of insanity one day trying to find topic I bookmarked and was so frustrated wading through all that I had to find the one I was looking for.  I tried several options I found online free and premium, but they just didn’t cut it for me.  I wanted a clean dashboard like interface, ways to sort categories and a tab-like environment.

Enter the Bookmark Ninja

You know ninjas sneak up on you, their stealthy and quick. This gem was the diamond in the ruff I was looking for. Simple is just more and what this service offers is just that.  The Bookmark Ninja has a clean user interface.  I get hung up a lot on the user interface despite what the app can offer.  Some may say that I’m losing out on what the app can do, but I say if you don’t have a clean UI that is easy to navigate and understand, then I honestly don’t take a second look.  You get one shot with me and the UI will tell me if you make the cut or not.


Check out the Bookmark Ninja website for more details.  There are probably many people who could care less about having hundreds of bookmarks simply saved in their browser with no organization at all, but if you are one who zooms in on what they are looking, then this is the tool for you.  I not only use it to categorize my bookmarks, but I have tabs set up with my main categories, like ones I use all the time I call Power Links, I have one for Excel because I live and breathe Excel and in each tab I have sub-categories set up to allow me to zoom in more quickly to what I am looking for.  I set my Bookmark Ninja page as my home page and all my links are always available to me.

The developer recently added the ability to sort your links alphabetically, which has been extremely helpful and a great feature option.

Another huge turnoff when dealing with apps or subscribed services is the lack of response on the side of the developer. On more than one occasion I have stopped a service for lack of support.  This is not the case here with Bookmark Ninja. The support is superior and both in response time and in the willingness to provide the answers you need or address issues or feature requests.

At $1.99 per month to subscribe after a 30 day trial…you really can’t go wrong.


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