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Beyond Storage & Cloud Backups Lies a World of Collaboration

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Embracing the Cloud

In days not to long ago we scheduled meetings where much time was spent trying to talk about business objectives, projectupdates, manufacturing issues and the list goes on.  Technology was limited to just conference calls.  Then teleconferencing options became available and we could see people across the country or around the world.  This was really the end of such collaboration.  If you were in need of having files accessible, you still have to rely on FTP or email.   The world of collaboration has broken barriers in terms of comparison to those old days.  Through the use of Dropbox, Google Drive,

OneDrive, iCloud and  Office 365 online collaboration is by far the way to go for productivity in the workplace.  Meetings use services like Skype for Business where you can not only quickly sh are a file, but share your desktop for presentations and allow for quick swap of  presenter to show someone else’s desktop.  Gone are the days of waiting for someone to call you back to address an issue or send an email for someone to finish an action.  Skype with chat and get an answer immediately.

All of these tools allow you to be more productive in the workplace and even on a personal level.  It is true that some people who  resist change also resist embracing the cloud and the all it has to offer, but for those who do embrace the cloud they reap the benefits of all that these services can do.  Changes are constantly happening with online services and collaboration.  If you are one that embraces the cloud, enjoy riding the wave of online collaboration.

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