Are you drowning in data?

Many jobs require us to do mundane tasks…data entry is part of most jobs. There is a certain amount involved, but how can you tell if you are drowning in data? When do you raise the flag? How can you get past the data entry to get back to business and do your job in a more productive way?

If you are entering even one data point into a spreadsheet or some other piece of software, guess what?  You are doing data entry.  It is part of our jobs.  It’s probably not ever going to go away.  How do you know that you are drowning in that data?  I think that answer is pretty simple.  You can break your job down into sections.  Determine what your core functions are, which make up your role.  Take each function and break down what makes up that piece of it,  If you have never done this give it a try…begin time studies on each piece of a function.  As you broke down a core function of your job, I’m sure that data entry was in there among the various sub-functions.  Take a wild guess before you begin on what percentage of time you spend doing data entry, note it somewhere and set that aside for later.  Determine through your time studies how much time and what percentage overall the data entry takes.  Total up that time and compare it to the percentage you set aside.  Were you close or way off the mark?

Because data entry is part of our everyday work lives, we desensitize ourselves to how much time it takes from our day to day functions.  You can look for ways to automate.  For example, using simple Excel macros to automate some basic functions that you would normally manually perform.  If you have vendors or customers send you data in a hard copy format, reach out and try to work with them to get that data in a format that is more usable to you – for example PDF to Excel or CSV format.  If you have to manually input data into a software program, reach out to your superior and inquire if there is some utility that can be written to help import the data to make it more efficient and less time consuming for you.  This last item is not always going to happen if finances are an issue.  Things like custom tools cost money.   Another option is outsourcing this function to someone like Cloud Clerical.  This gives you the opportunity to get back to your core functions and removes the mundane from the role.

Stop drowning in your data and with Cloud Clerical to help meet your objectives.  It is a strategy that just works.

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